What is Auto Enrolment?



Auto Enrolment (Also known as a Workplace Pension Scheme) is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work.


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Does it affect you?


If you are an employer with at least one member of staff, you now have to put those employees who meet certain criteria into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it.


Auto Enrolment is automatic for your staff – they don’t have to do anything to be enrolled into your pension scheme, but it’s not automatic for you. As an employer, you need to take steps to make sure your staff are enrolled.


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What it costs with TJPay


We offer an auto enrolment service as an add on to our payroll service. 


To take away the stress and eliminate the confusion, we take care of your Auto Enrolment for you

from as little as £1.75 per month per employee.

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